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Being from North Western Ontario, we recognize the beautiful adventurous back country we have. BB Image main focus is Outdoor Lifestyle Adventure Photography.  That is not only how we live, and the most important part of our community. We aim to bring strong artistic images that are not only professional, but packed full of story.  From rock climbing to camping and canoeing. Got a special trip planned? Going on a once in a lifetime adventure? Or even want to advertise your Fishing Cabin, Give us a call. IF you like our nature work and just came to look at some cool shots, i suggest a trip to Red Lake Outfitters and getting the real experience!

Wedding Photography to Family Photos

From Traditional Family Photos to Creative Action shots


Let our Wedding Photographer help capture your big day. 

In all our work we strive to achieve one thing! Professionalism. With so many new photographers starting every day, it can be hard to choose who's best for you. Let the team with experience, creativity, artistic and technical backgrounds get the job done right. Don't  settle for the guy down the street who just bought a camera and can save you a ton. 


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