Unique Wedding Photography

The time leading up to your special day may feel like a lifetime, and when that day finally arrives, it can feel like it only lasted for a moment. Let us help you capture every second, in edgy, exciting ways, and in stunning locations. Our wedding photographer, and team, are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible, with key knowledge of beautiful nature locations in and around Thunder Bay, to deliver stunning wedding portraits.

Old Fort William Album 1 

Hallow Rock Album 2

We Travel - From a Destination Wedding in the south, or way up in Kenora, let us travel to your destination and save. We offer some special rates to locations that may make you rethink about traveling with your photo crew Modern - Our style is unique, fresh, and modern. We use traditional skills but modern techniques, Every year we learn new skills to keep our work up to date. Rated one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Thunder Bay  by https://threebestrated.ca/ based on reviews and style. That being said there are some amazing people in this town who take photos. And i do recommend a few when my style is not for all. As is my style is not for all, only ones who love my style. Im different, edgy, and creative. I want the Wow photo. not just a picture. Book us for your wedding today.


Our packages are not fixed! Call us now to book a consultation meeting and we can customize a package to suit your special day. Let us make your photography stress free and beautiful. Our team consist of Two Photographers included in every deal. We can even strike a deal if the deal is right. We are from Thunder Bay and want to help as many as we can. We know its tough to plan and pay for a wedding.