Drone Photography and Video with Atlas Aerial

Thunder Bay Marina Ice Melts during a beautiful Sunrise. Photography by Bryan Bishop @photosbybryan

Drone captures breathtaking image of the ice melting away during a spring morning. Down Town Thunder Bay.

Aerial Images provide a huge variety of uses. From Making Custom Maps, to 3d models. Imagery or Video for films or artwork. Selling houses and inspecting Roofs. Even Surveying can be accomplished with drones/uav’s. Ask us how we can help you achieve your project.

Transport Canada Approved – Drone Flights

Every flight gets approved by TC, whether a Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC)  or an Exception we adhere to Transport Canada and CARs ( Canadian Aviation Regulations and Standards). The turn around time from the time of booking can take a up to 20 days with a SFOC  which is why we request a 30 day minimal booking. This will allow us to prepare the SFOC Application, submit it for approval.


IRS – Internal Responsibility System 

BB Image is committed to following the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and is dedicated to create a  strong Internal Responsibility System (IRS) in the workplace, on location, and in the air.

Caution - Drone Flying

We are proud to announce that we follow a stick safety guide line when operating in the air and on the ground.


Expert’s in the Field

Our staff are qualified in each of their fields, With a Mining engineer, and Avionics Technician along side a Professional Commercial Photographer, We got the right Tools to get the Job done. With Fast Transport Canada Turn around times, for urban Areas, and Quick response to Rural we can get your data or images delivered when they are needed.

Low Cost Photography, Inspection, and Surveys.

Compared to conventional ways, like the helicopter, or the old Bucket truck, Our Lightweight Less than 2kg UAV’s are Fast, Economical, and Small enough to do just about anything. Equipped with 2k, 4k, IR, Red, Green, Violet, and Visible Light, we can process loads of data and information.


Being able to take off and land almost anywhere our two quad copters are effective in the field. Providing you with a time saving method to capturing new angles and data.

Inspect faster and more reliable with the drone

Let our drone take the danger out of the situation. While keeping your team safe ground.

Some Fun video shooting my Brothers Proposal. Out Camping See the blog post 


Currently we are offering Photography and Video From BB Image. But our Partner company can assist you in other types of services you may need. We are currently looking for investors to expand that list.


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