Bryan brings a lot to the table when it comes to Aviation/ Transportation Photography. With an Aircraft maintenance Engineering License - AVIONICS rated, he is trained to work on, or around aircraft. Hire the team that you dont have to watch. One who knows the valuable time and resources it takes having an aircraft on the ground. We will work with your scheduled to plan the most efficient shoot to keep you operating. 

Western Aero Group - WAG Logo, Cygnuss Lift

Some of the Clients we've Helped

Looking for more bold and modern ways to promote your business and it's staff members? Lets us bring your ideas to life, and work with you to create that message you want to portray, with images that will stand out from the crowd. With customers from all over North America our photography has a unique edge to it that sets aside from the rest. 

Adventure - Its our Lifestyle

Location, Location, Location
We love to travel, camp, and just go out side. From a back country canoe trip to some of Thunder Bays best climbing spots. Our Team has training and experience shooting recreational activities, we bring a new prospective to your business by providing professional studio styled photography on the field. 
Weather your a Canoe Company, Tent maker, or Outfitter wanting to rep your brand. We can shoot it all and in any location you want. 

Outfitting Photography

You have a beautiful fly in resort - Why not show it that way. 
We have custom Photography and Video Packages for your outfitting. You provide the Travel, Location, And or the Talent, and we will delivery unique video and photography that showcases your adventure packages. 

Aerial Images

WE offer Aerial photography and video to rural areas only
We operate a lightweight under 2kg UAV. Our quad copter is equipped with many safety features like auto land and takeoff, Return to home, Battery Sensing and long range antennas.