Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the most common questions.

    • How do i get my Pictures?

      Typical delivery's of photos happens post payment. The delivery will be digital on a DVD/USB/ or direct Link depending on the customer and application.
    • Do you photoshop your pictures (Non commercial)

      Shot Answer: NOWe dont believe in photoshoping our photographs for your typical photo shoot. Its not needed, not real and very time consuming. But we can do it, If requested, Post delivery at a charge of $35.00 an Hour.That being said there may be a case where we just need to remove or fix something, and if that is the cause we will use photoshop.
    • Do you Travel, and if so what are the cost

      Yes we travel! A typical shoot: we ask that you cover the cost of travel, in most cases for vehicle Ontario rate is $0.55 /KM for vehicle and $18.00/hour each staff.Our Per Diam rate is $75.00 a person for Food and Expenses.Hotels, Planes, Trains and Car rentals are all covered by customer. This includes fees inherited by traveling such as border fees or Carry ons.
    • What does a typical Photo shoot Consist of? (Non Commercial)

      Pre Shootwp-image-1193916785jpg.jpg

      1. Choose type of Photography (Boudoir, Family, Wedding, ect ect)
      2. send us all the information, including time, date, location, info.
      3. Pick a date, confirm we have i open and set a time
      4. Pay a retainer to Hold date.  and agree to our Policy.
      5. Discuss expectations and show all available examples


      1. We will arrive early and inspect our situation
      2. We will set up our Gear, Unlike other photographers, Your paying for more than just a person with a camera.
      3. We will work with you to capture the images, in a portrait session we are aiming for a few WOW photos, so you may find we make small changes that seem tiny but make a big difference.
      4. Before the beginning of a shoot we typical expect full payment to be made. Unless other wise planned.
      5. We will take the Raw images and convert them to JPG with our studio signature looks. (we do not give or sell raw Images, or show clients)

      Post Shoot

      1. Delivery can take 2 weeks plus depending on the scale of the shoot. We will work with you to determine a date. No photos will be delivered without payment.
      2. Photoshop, if you want post delivery we can Photoshop items. Such as beauty retouching, Removal of objects, and a variety of other items. This is an extra feature that cost $35.00/Hour. We typically quote before we start.