Top Three Lens Choices for Camping

My opinion on the best lens to have with you on a Paddling Trip. You are about to embark on a wilderness trip that will bring you into the far reaches of the forest. Just like your many past adventures, you have had all of your gear packed for days and you’re just figuring out […]

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Little Dog Lake Portrait

Had a great session this week with Olivia at Little Dog Lake, It was sunset and she just arrived.  A few minutes late into it we barley said hello before we started shooting. But she killed it! a 20 minute shoot that produced some awesome images. More to come soon.

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Pandora’s Box

Pandora opened the jar and all the evils flew out, leaving only “hope” inside once she had closed it again.

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Redlake Outfitters – Video

Lifestyle Photo and Video for Red Lake Outtfitters We recently had the pleasure of working with Harlan at Red Lake Outfitters, Combined Photography  and Video Package made for a full weekend of work.  Along with some beautiful images we captured, We got this video too   We will be adding a video page in the […]

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The Border Town with Good Neighbors

Over the border photo shoot Thunder Bay is so close to the border that it often gets business from our USA friends. Photography is no different. Here this aircraft from Colorado is getting a makeover and some business photography to help with advertising. With the dollar being low. American Businessmen like to travel to save […]

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Canoe the beautiful waters of  Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Last month we had the pleasure of shooting for Red Lake Outfitters up in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Its a large park NW of Red Lake, Ontario. Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is a wilderness park of 450,000 hectares (1,100,000 acres).Its so big you will probably never see a […]

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Boarding the Beaver

After a bit of waiting, our escorts has arrived. A gorgeous aircraft, courtesy of Viking Outposts.  All loaded up and ready to fly!  Beautiful view, looking down at the Northern landscape. Lake after lake.. couldn’t wait to land and get to work!

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Prepping the gear.  

Night before we head out to Red Lake to shoot some outdoor photography in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park for Red Lake Outfitters. The anticipation and excitement builds as we do one last gear check. Cameras, lights, drone, supplies, and of course the camp gear.. Going to be a very exciting and busy 5 days for […]

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The Thunder Bay Experience 

Having lived for years in southern Ontario, it was always a battle when I wanted to camp. Driving for hours to reach a lake that had oleanty of folks already on it. And crown land was almost null.  Here in the north we have it made. Most hardly consume the fact that a 30 min […]

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Prince Arthur Landing – Marina and Chippawa park Photoshoots in Thunder Bay

Back in 2012 i had the pleasure of meeting the young now Stefanie knight. She had never been in a photo shoot and wanted the opportunity. After exchanging a few messages we set up a quick 30 min shoot one evening during a spring rain shower at Thunder Bays Marina in Port Arthur. It was […]

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