Team Members, and General Information

Thunder Bay born and raised Bryan Bishop is a lifestyle portrait photographer and Owner of BB Image.  Trained and experienced in Business Advertising, Portraits, Head   Shots, Weddings, Aerial, and Transportation. BB Image is also the only professional photography company in the region with specialty training and ratings to work around Aircraft.

Since our start in 2008 we have developed a modern bold look with creative perspectives that come together to help tell a story. Our goal is to promote and build our community by showing the true beauty of the region.

BB Image typically operates on location in outdoor environments, crafted by living in the north. Whether it is photographing an Outfitter on a 7 day back country canoe trip, to New born Photography in Thunder Bay’s Tree Farm we bring out the right lighting, the right equipment  and the right people to produce a professional studio standard quality image – anywhere  Click Here for Pricing

Star OF Service

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