Portrait Session with Olivia

Little Dog Lake Portrait

Had a great session this week with Olivia at Little Dog Lake, It was sunset and she just arrived.  A few minutes late into it we barley said hello before we started shooting. But she killed it! a 20 minute shoot that produced some awesome images. More to come soon.

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Pandora’s Box

Pandora opened the jar and all the evils flew out, leaving only “hope” inside once she had closed it again.

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Behinds the scenes

Check out our Behind the scenes shots. Photos from all our recent shoots. Including Rock climbing, Portraits, Business, and Lifestyle, and Weddingd Behind The Scenes – Background / Google Photos

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Grooming with Samantha Rose

Had a blast  last few days shooting our annual head shot portrait work. 2 Days down, 2 days to go.

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Bird Feeders

Having a bird feeder is a treat for both you and the birds. I had the pleasure of watching some blue jays and other birds feed  out in Neebing [Thunder Bay, Ontario] the other day. it was a Saturday morning for me. 9 am.. I was doing important stuff…… but than i hear a loud […]

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Thunder Bay Event Issue – Explore

Love seeing some of our work from this summer get used. http://www.thunderbay.ca/Assets/Visiting/docs/2017+Thunder+Bay+Experience+Guide.pdf 

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Finnoff Aviation – Sporting Thunder Bay Photography

Great to see our work pop up over the worlds. Here in Denver Colorado Finnoff aviation is utilizing the low dolor to boost there business advertising. ” We’re Here to Help You When you’re ready to buy or sell an aircraft, or enhance one with advanced aviation products, you want an experienced company to help […]

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Tool Master

Jeep Tool Master when you can successfully navigate you tool box with one hand in the dark. #JeepPoblems #ItsAJeppThing

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Dorian Wind Farm

After Spending a night in the shadow of these things, i have to say i’m in Aw. Impressively tall wind turbines are larger in person. Here we sat for 30 mins with the shutter open. Shooting Long trails is unique fun. Want to learn how this is done? Join us this spring on our Night […]

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Redlake Outfitters – Video

Lifestyle Photo and Video for Red Lake Outtfitters We recently had the pleasure of working with Harlan at Red Lake Outfitters, Combined Photography  and Video Package made for a full weekend of work.  Along with some beautiful images we captured, We got this video too   We will be adding a video page in the […]

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