Bird Feeders

Having a bird feeder is a treat for both you and the birds.

I had the pleasure of watching some blue jays and other birds feed  out in Neebing [Thunder Bay, Ontario] the other day. it was a Saturday morning for me. 9 am.. I was doing important stuff…… but than i hear a loud thud on the porch. Like snow had fallen from the roof and happened to hit the only table on the deck. To my suprise it was a Blue Jay, a round fat one at that.  The table had feed on it already and good old Mr Blue was just visiting his local restaurant.

As soon as i saw him, i reached for my camera and he flew away.

I was mad… Perhaps if i moved slower maybe he would not of flew away. But i cant blame him. Either way i thought, he must come back. And i perched up in a spot, added a flash on a remote trigger and waited. About 40 minutes later.. Thud..

It was cold that day -20c with a wind that made it feel like -35c, my batteries were draining fast. My remote trigger was waiting to fire the flash and so was i.  I waited at watched until i could anticipate his move. When the timing was right, Click, Flash.


Blue Jay, Wild Life Photography

Beautiful Blue jay, nice and fat for the winter

To my surprise, the flash did not even bother him. He ignored it and kept eating.  And than there was two…

Blue Jays – Pecking Order.

“Its my turn to eat!” one says to the other.

” back off ”  he said back.

Bluejay in North Western Ontario

I swear this guy was modeling – Click the image to Learn How to Capture Photos Like this! With our Spring Photography Course.

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