Canoe the beautiful waters of  Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Northstar Canoe - photo by Bryan Bishop

As a lifestyle photographer i love to shoot my life the most. Canoeing, Camping, and adventures. Its all apart of me and what i love

Last month we had the pleasure of shooting for Red Lake Outfitters up in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Its a large park NW of Red Lake, Ontario. Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is a wilderness park of 450,000 hectares (1,100,000 acres).Its so big you will probably never see a soul while on a trip in this place.


The weather did not pan out for us and in our 5 day trip we only saw the sun for the first and last day. Sadly these where travel days, so the majority of our trip was spent trying to figure out how to advertise in the rain. Luckily Day one we got this beautiful sunset with some lovely colors. I was in the canoe with my partner photographing me, I had to get my camera and shoot this pic. it was just a shot i could not resist.

The canoe is a beautiful 17 foot black canoe by Northstar. It was ultralight and glided over the water, Easily handled by one person, its rib system as seen here was also very comfy to sit in.